Lawn Watering Advice

Lawn Watering

Before we start you must make sure that you don’t have any watering and or hose pipe bans in place, in your area.

Do I really need to water the lawn?

The lawn is normally the largest flower bed and centrepiece in a garden. Grass plants are very resilient, and we are told that lawns will soon bounce back after going dormant. However, we do know that it can take a long time to recover, that’s if it does fully. There were a lot of lawns lost to the drought of 2018, not all grasses can survive a hot, dry summer without help.

How does the lawn tell me its thirsty?

There are many things to look out for, however these are the most common symptoms of a dry lawn.
The grass will change colour slightly, turn a blue/grey colour, growth will slow down, your footprints will remain on the lawn. Just like when we are dehydrated, our skin takes a longer time to fall back when pinched, grass takes longer to bounce back up.

What if you don’t want to water?

Some customers don’t want to water the lawn, thinking it’s a waste of money or resources, which is understandable. If your lawn is one of these best to raise your cutting height at 1st signs of drought. Grass is more than 85% water, the more blade it has, the more water reserves it has ready for dry weather.

When and how?

As soon as you see the signs, raise your cutting height, and start watering. We suggest using a sprinkler. Best to water the lawn twice a week, rather than every day. The reason being is if you water daily the roots don’t need to search for water, and they become shallow. When watered less frequently the roots are still growing deeper in search of water. We recommend watering an inch of water once a week.

How much will lawn watering cost?

The watering tool on the left will help you calculate how much it would cost to water your lawn. Choose your water supplier and add your lawn size.


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