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AntStop Granules £7.00

Boxed Weight: 300g Features: Effective for up to 1 month after application - Easy to use - no dust, less mess - Kills ants - Kills the nest and forms a long lasting tangible barrier - Attractive to ants giving effective control and product efficience - Contains spinosad

Ant Bait Stations £5.00 per pack of two.

Boxed Weight: 20g Features: Ready to use pre-baited stations Destroys ants and their nest Effective for up to 3 months For use in and around the home Long lasting barrier Comes with clip strip in pack Contains fipronil

Cat & Dog Repellent Crystal Gel 450G £4.00

Features: Traditional scatter crystal gel with effective Natural Active ingredient Treats up to 40 square metres in patio and garden areas Helps prevent cats and dogs from digging, scratching and fouling Repeat treatment every 48 hours recommended .

Johnsons General Seed 1.5KG £20.00

Using modern Dwarf type Perennial Ryegrasses and Creeping Red Fescue, General Purpose produces a lawn of superior appearance whilst being very hardwearing. Vigorous roots strengthen the turf and give it superior resilience and durability. Can be used for new lawns, overseeding and patching.

Patch Repair Kit £28-£50

Fix your patches or summer scares yourself, with our professional grade seed and dressing

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