Over Seeding

Did You Know, Around 25% of Your Lawn Dies Every Year!

Over Seeding

Over-seeding is an essential part to any lawn care program. It introduces and encourages new growth amongst the old turf, making the lawn healthier and improving the look of the lawn. By cutting grass we prevent it from developing to a mature plant, when it would naturally over-seed the lawn, thus providing an opportunity for weed species such as Poa annua (annual meadow grass), moss and daisies to move in and establish.

Lawnrite recommends having an Over-Seed Treatment straight after scarification- as this will fill up the areas in the turf that the scarification process opens up, giving you the best possible looking lawn.


Top-dressing helps the germination rate by protecting the seed, however the existing lawn will do the same job and top-dressing is a very expensive process. Grass seed has been around for millions of years and is designed to blow in and germinate naturally. Of course, if we are carrying out a lawn regeneration, or if there is no existing lawn to start with, then topsoil/dressing is always vital to create a bed for the seed to sit into.

When to Overseed

Seed needs two things for successful germination 1) Warmth and 2) Water. This is why seeding is mainly advised during the Spring and Autumn, as rainfall is more frequent during these periods and soil temperatures are still relatively warm. However, if you own a sprinkler, seeding can be done throughout the summer months also – though we advise avoiding watering new shoots when the sun is high in the sky, as this will scorch the new grass.

Avoid seeding in the cold as low soil temperature and frosts will kill the seed.

Key Benefits of Over Seeding

With up to 25% of your lawn dying each year, over seeding is very important to give you that lush green lawn

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