Starting at the Roots!

Many of my customers will often hear me talking of ‘feeding the soil to feed the roots or starting with the corner stone of the lawn, which is the soil’. Great News we now have treatments that are designed just for that, feeding the soil and roots! that will in turn produce a more luscious growing lawn.

Introducing our 'Happy Roots to Healthy Shoots' Program for 2021

Our Happy Roots to Healthy Shoots programe is a combination of two treatments, Bio Tonic and Soil Conditioner.

Bio Tonic

Feeding our lawns is not just about treating the green lush grass you see. It’s about looking after the vessels and their environment, that feed and keep our lawns looking great, the roots. Our Liquid Bio Tonic treatment contains 4 strains of beneficial Fungi and 5 Strains of beneficial Bacteria, found in healthy, proactive soil and rootzones.

  • All Natural Soil Probiotic
  • Repairs soil by replacing natural soil biota that is lost to drought, and frosts
  • Bio tonic is natural and safe
  • Natural Thatch reduction and aeration
  • Helps reduce leaf and root disease
  • Improves grass plants stress resistance

Soil Conditioner

Improving soil conditions will assist drainage which in turn will encourage deeper rooting grass plants and promote even healthier grass. Repeated applications will make the soil more friable allowing oxygen to get to the root zone improving the plants ability of taking up other nutrients, plus as the soil is more friable drainage is far more efficient.

  • Gypsum, for added calcium and soil deflocculating.
  • Dolomitic limestone, for increased pH and Mg input
  • Composted cow manure and seaweed for microbial stimulation
  • Humic acid to aid root development

When do we apply this treatment?

Our Happy Roots to Healthy Shoots Program, is three treatments spread over two visits. This will be between October and March.

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