Lawn Treatments

Professional Fertilisers and Weed Control’s- including Moss Control’s

Lawnrite uses the finest professional turf fertilisers to nourish your lawn. These feeds are not available domestically and are designed to release nutrients to the root zone over several weeks.

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Spring Treatment: Spring starter feed and cool weather weed control or moss control, depending on lawn and weather.

Early Summer: Application of coated fertiliser (anti scorch), continued  weed control.

Late Summer Treatment: Controlled feed application for the time of year, attention to persistent weeds.

Autumn Feed: A feed that aims for root growth, making the plant hardier for the winter months and a moss control.

Winter Treatment: This is a turf hardener that helps the plant cells cope with the cold weather, we also apply a moss treatment.

How our Service Works

Lawnrite will call at your home approximately every 10 weeks to carry out your seasonal lawn treatments, starting with the current season. You will get a  notification in advance of each treatment via a letter or email.

Why Lawnrite?

Key Benefits of the Service

You will get a more personal service as Lawnrite lawn care is a independent lawn care company. We are committed to maximising the beauty of your lawn and are keen to work with you to achieve this goal.

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