Lawn Beneficiaries

Lawn Beneficiaries are extra treatments that will benifit your lawn

Lawn Beneficiaries are also known as Machinery Treatments

Scarification or Aeration. Both treatments are labour intensive and take much longer than the seasonal treatments. Lawnrite will rake the lawn after both treatments and bag the risings up for your disposal. We can take the bags away for a small charge, please ask for details.


This involves the removal of small plugs from your lawn. Aeration eases soil compaction, reduces sub-surface thatch and allows air, water and fertiliser to reach the grass roots more effectively. Lawnrite remove the cores from the surface of your lawn following the aeration process.


The thinning out and removal of thatch and moss that has built up on the surface of the lawn. Scarification allows nutrients, water and air to reach the root zone, helping to reduce the occurrence of lawn diseases.

Key Benefits of the Service

Machinery treatments are a vital part of lawn care and are normally carried out during autumn or spring months, when the lawn is able to recover faster.

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