Lawn Care

Scarification Work

Scarification is well under way in Hertfordshire. This process removes dead material (Thatch) from the base of the grass plant. Thatch is like a barrier

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Lawnrite Goes Independent

Today is the day Lawnrite Hitchin goes independent, breaking away from the tight rules and rigid structure that a franchise forces you to become. We

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R5 Winter Treatment

WINTER TREATMENT BENEFITS Our specialist Winter Moss Control and Conditioner Gets to work even at low soil temperatures; Promotes healthy root growth and; Provides nutritional

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R4 Autumn Treatment

AUTUMN TREATMENT BENEFITS Our specialist Autumn Feed and Moss Control: Gently releases essential nutrient for autumn colour. Promotes healthy root growth and; Provides all nutritional

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R1 Spring Treatment

SPRING TREATMENT BENEFITS Our specialist Spring Feed and Moss Control: “Greens up”, even at low soil temperatures. Promote healthy root growth and provides vital spring

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Autumn & Winter

Autumn and Winter Cuttting Advice Correct lawn mowing will make the difference between a ‘ok’ lawn and a great one. these few simple steps make

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