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Mushrooms Mushrooms are a sign of a healthy soil. They are the fruiting bodies of fungus which decompose organic matter into nutrients which is usable by ...
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Bitch Burn What is it?

We often get asked, how to stop the dogs killing the lawn? Bitch burn, also known as dog urine burn, is a common problem for ...
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Will getting a dog ruin my lawn

Will getting a dog ruin my garden and lawn? Dogs can potentially damage your grass, especially if they spend a lot of time in one ...
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Is Professional LawnCare Right For You?

We often get asked, is professional lawn care right for me? Why should I use a professional lawn care company ? There are several reasons ...
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Ants and your Lawn! Ant Problems Ants are dormant through out the colder months, once soil temperatures raise the ants become more active. You will ...
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Surface Treatments

Hard Surface Weed Control and Soft Cleaning Surface Cleaning Are you fed up with weedy driveways, grassy paths or green decking and fences? We have ...
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